Monday, January 31, 2011

Shadows and lights....

Shadows and lights....

                 Light and shade is the main component for photography and hence photography is also known as “Writing with light” rather than “capturing the light”. But shadow
and light for different people means different. For some it is abscence of light and abscence of shadow and for some it is a part of life and many more. For some light is required then only we can create shadow but for some how much ever light is there if there is no shadow we will not be able feel the presence of light. But it is a true fact that we need both light and shadow for a good photograph.

Light is something  which is invisible and make everything visible and shadow is something visible and makes everything invisible. Light and shadow together makes a photograph...

Puthussery, Kerala.

Hugli River, Kolkata.

Kolkata Maidan Park.
Rickshaws of Kolkata.
Esplanade, Kolkata.
St. James Church, Kolkata.

A horse in front of the famous Eden Garden stadium,Kolkata.

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  1. Very nice pictures!