Sunday, February 6, 2011



                                          How many faces we have seen so far in our life? Some are still in our mind and some we never want to remember. Some will make us laugh, some will keep us silent, some will make us think…Some we never want to forget and some will make us happy when we see after a long time. Some are white and some are dark. Some faces will always smile, some will cry and some will make us cry. Some are always concerned about their face and some are not at all. Some are very expressive and some tells stories. Some faces represents a culture. If we just close our eyes and think about the the faces we have seen so far or if we think about the faces sitting beside to us we can’t imagine how beautifully nature has made them all. The fine details of the face can represents a nation, a culture, a generation and many more… For me I love capturing the expressive human faces and have taken thousands of human faces and just sharing some of them.

                                     Thousands of faces I have captured every face is different…Different culture different people different vegitation different languages different dress different food…..different faces. Some are pretty some are ugly some are dark some are fair……We human beings are the best creativity of nature.

Sudhakar Pandey.
A child from Sealdah, Kolkata.
My Grandma.
My Grandma and our dog John Dickroose.
Sealdah, Kolkata.
Riya and Reema.
Sealdah, Kolkata.
Sealdah, Kolkata.

Kalighat, Kolkata.
Avik Roy.

Anup Chowdhary.

Pawan Prit Kaur.


Sudhakar Pandey and Raja Michael.

Sudhakar Pandey and Kaiser.
Arun Mohan, Sreehari G, Sanil Mathew Koshy.
 Arun Mohan, Gireesh Kumar Madhurima.
Christy Daniel, Nisha M. Nair, Sajana Mohan, Haseena Beegum, Jinu Nair and Sanil Mathew Koshy.
Sealdah railway station.
Sanil Mathew Kosy.
Haseena Beegum.

Aritra, Shafaque, Anup and Gautam Jaiswal.
Santhosh Kumar Mahto.

Dr. Set.

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